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  • Derby Ballpoint Pen
    BBP323 As low as : $0.24(R)

    If you're looking to take a plunge on your next marketing campaign, look no further than this Derby ballpoint pen. Available in several colors, made of plastic and measuring 0.65W x 5.75L, this handy product is a great way to put your brand directly into your clients' hands. It can be customized with an imprint of your company name, logo and more to increase corporate exposure. What a great giveaway for offices, universities, banks and hotels!

      White Ballpoint Pens Durable plastic material Slim curvy design Available in black and blue inks Select from different colorful trims!


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  • Plastic Pens with Screen Touch Stylus
    BBP803 As low as : $0.39(R)
    Pin-point new customers using this plastic pen with touch-screen stylus! A handy 2-in-1 item available in several colors and measuring 5.5L x 0.25W, this pen is a stylish way to highlight your brand on a highly used product. Perfect for offices, schools, banks, hotels and more, it can be customized to your liking - include a silkscreened imprint of your company name and logo to improve corporate visibility while creating a lasting keepsake. There is an absolute minimum of 100 pieces per order.
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  • Stylus Ballpoint iPen
    BBP767 As low as : $0.57(R)
    This stylus ballpoint iPen is a handy and versatile instrument perfect for students and professionals alike. Available in several colors, this 2-in-1 handout is a ballpoint pen on one end and a stylus for smartphones and tablets on the other. It can be customized with your company name and logo, brand message and more for heightened brand visibility on an often-used product. There is an absolute minimum order of 250 pieces.
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  • Maitland Gel Highlighter Stylus Pens
    PNUS910 As low as : $0.70(R)

    Have your logo ingrained in the minds of your clients when you give them this useful Maitland gel highlighter pen! Not only can you remove the cap to highlight words on a page, or even just write down notes, but you can also use the stylus tip to make navigating the screens of your smartphone or tablet easy and fun. This comes in four fantastic colors that your customers will love. Add an imprint of your brand and settle in for a successful event!

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  • Gripper Stylus Pen with LED Light
    PNUS799 As low as : $1.14(R)

    For an illuminating addition to your next campaign, this gripper stylus pen with LED light will do the trick! This 3-in-1 handout features an easy-comfort grip, a top-click white LED light, and a twist mechanism. Available in several colors, it can be customized with your company name, logo and more to enhance your brand's image on a highly used product. Give this item away at the next trade show or convention to ensure plenty of new customers!

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  • Promotional Stylus Pen
    BMP267 As low as : $1.31(R)
    Give your brand a high tech makeover with a promotional product that's perfect for high tech navigation and low tech ink writing. This custom promotional stylus pen measures 0.6W (including clip) x 6L and features a metallic finish barrel, a removable cap and black ink along with a custom imprint of your organization's name, logo and advertising message. From corporate tradeshows to nonprofit fundraising, this tech tool is here for you and your brand.
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  • 3 x 5 in. Eco Jotters with Pen
    BNOT38 As low as : $1.45(R)
    Prepare for your next eco campaign with the right products for effective green advertising with this 3 x 5 Eco Jotter. It's made using 100% recycled paper and features 65 lined pages, an elegant band closure, an elastic pen loop and a recycled paper pen with plastic accents. Whether you're looking to up your brand's green profile or want to connect with colleagues and coworkers, this jotter is here for you and your brand.
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  • Skinny Metal Ballpoint Pen
    BMP211 As low as : $1.45(R)
    Give clients the skinny of what your company has to offer by letting them take home this customizable writer! This skinny metal ballpoint pen measures 5.1 x 0.375, is offered with a blue or silver barrel and can be imprinted with a company name, logo, contact information and more. It's a great choice for banks, insurance companies, tradeshow giveaways and many other promotional opportunities. Whatever the occasion, you can put your brand in all the write hands!
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  • Shiny Chrom Trim Metallic Pen
    BBP1414 As low as : $1.53(R)
    For a promotional gift that is perfect for professionals and students alike, look no further than this metallic action pen! Featuring a grip section and a shiny chrome trim, this handy item is ideal for doctor's offices, hotels, banks and more. Customize with an imprint (silkscreen or pad print) of your company name and logo to expose your brand on an item that will get plenty of use. Let us help you write your next success story!
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  • Aero Stylus Pens with LED Light and Laser Pointer
    BBP920 As low as : $1.99(R)
    Shine a light on your business! The Aero stylus pen with LED light and laser pointer comes in multiple colors and provides a 3-in-1 functionality that is sure to make your company stand out. Conferences, sporting events or school meetings will be a little bit brighter thanks to this magnificent item. With an easy comfort soft tip and twist mechanism, the 5.5W x 0.6H plastic pen sports a 1.10W x 0.35H imprint area to highlight your name and logo for all to see. Illuminate your next promotional campaign with this triple threat!
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  • Montrose Bamboo Stylus Pen
    BBP904S As low as : $2.36(R)
    If you want to get your business noticed, why not give your customers something truly unique like this Cypress pen? It's an eco-friendly item made of bamboo that features a retractable, plunger-action mechanism. It has black ink and measures 5.5 x 0.6. Imprint this with your company name or logo using any one of our methods and give this out at your next event. Everybody needs a writing tool at some point. Be there for your customers with this great item!
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